Research Reveals That Consuming High-Quality Ground Coffee Can Increase Life Span

Listen up, caffeine addicts: A recent study reveals that consuming two to three cups of coffee daily will help you live longer and minimise your risk of cardiovascular disease.
In a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology on Tuesday, researchers found that moderate consumption of ground, instant, and decaffeinated coffee was associated with "substantial reductions" in mortality and cardiovascular disease.
Nearly 450,000 persons' coffee-drinking habits were studied as part of this observational study, which used data from the UK Biobank, a large-scale scientific database and research resource.
Patients who participated in the trial were initially free of cardiac disease or arrhythmia and were randomly assigned to one of four groups: those who drank caffeine ground coffee, those who drank decaf coffee, those who drank caffeinated instant coffee, and those who didn't drink coffee at all.
After an average follow-up of 12.5 years, researchers looked at patients' medical and death records for indicators of cardiovascular problems such arrhythmia, heart disease, and mortality. Age, diabetes, ethnicity, hypertension, obesity, OSA, sex, smoking status, and tea and alcohol use were also taken into account by the researchers.
Twenty-seven thousand eight hundred and nine (6.2%) of the participants had passed away at the end of the trial. However, researchers found that drinking two to three cups of coffee daily was related with the highest benefits and a lower risk of dying from any cause. A 27%, 14%, and 11% decreased mortality risk was associated with drinking ground coffee, decaf coffee, and instant coffee, respectively.

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