Samsung's Health and Wellness Ecosystem Grows Even More Comprehensive and Interconnected

Enhanced health monitoring, driver safety, medical research, and wellness insights are just some of the areas that benefit from Samsung's augmented developer tool stack.
Ahead of the Samsung Developer Conference 2022 (SDC22), the company introduced a set of new tools that would assist developers and communities in moulding customers' health, wellness, and safety practises. The Samsung Privileged Health SDK programme gives chosen partners access to a variety of technologies, such as the Fall Detection API, which helps ensure user safety, and Samsung's new end-to-end research solution for academic, clinical, and healthcare developers.
Samsung's Privileged Health SDK Is a Step Towards Greater Driver Safety
To provide more effective and efficient tailored health services, Samsung is working with a handful of market leaders. With safety being a top priority for Samsung, the new preventive measures developed via these partnerships will help reduce accidents caused by driver weariness and stress.
One such example is Samsung's collaboration with Tobii, a world leader in eye-tracking and attention computing, to create fatigue detection software. With the help of Samsung's Privileged Health SDK, Tobii can detect a user's sleepiness by processing data from the heart rate sensors in their Galaxy Watch in real time. In addition, Harman, an industry pioneer in connected vehicle technology, audio innovations, and IoT solutions, has just released Ready Care, a comprehensive automotive in-cabin sensor and customised solution for driver safety and comfort. Users may also choose to have Ready Care monitor their stress and cognitive load in addition to distractions and weariness, and the app will then offer less stressful routes to the driver.
New Fall Detection Application Programming Interface Promotes Health and Safety.APIs made available by Health Services unlock the full potential of the Galaxy Watch's sensors and AI to create superior health products and services for consumers. Strengthening preventive safety and paving the way for even more possible solutions, Samsung has introduced a new API to the ecosystem that provides customizable sensitivity for Fall Detection.
Using data from many sensors, such as an accelerometer and gyroscope, Galaxy Watch's Fall Detection algorithms may now be included into third-party applications. With this API, developers may create applications to help people cope with emergency situations. Also, the Galaxy Wearable app allows users to customise their device's sensitivity when in different states, like as resting, walking, or working out. New possibilities for both developers and end users are made possible by this API, such as sleep monitoring that can detect a user's waking up from a deep slumber or falling out of bed.

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