Amio Wellness joins the sector of intimate wellness

Amio Wellness, a company that takes a holistic approach to one's health, has announced the debut of its intimate wellness category. The primary category comprises Intimate Stimulants with Flavors of Red Wine and Cotton Candy. Additionally, the company is releasing intimate washes, vaginal and breast creams, etc.
Amio has a twin mission: first, to overcome cultural taboos by normalising the use of intimate wellness products as part of daily self-care, and second, to deliver safe, pure, natural, and scientifically developed products to allow and empower individuals to have worry-free personal interactions.
Saniya Arora, Co-Founder of Amio Wellness, stated, "We are on a mission to shatter the stigma and make intimacy an acceptable topic of conversation in everyday life." We want to educate our community on the need to focus on both personal and sexual health and refuse to accept disappointing and unpleasant experiences.
She went on to say, "Intimacy is the foundation of any relationship, and it covers much more than just sexuality. Nonetheless, it is often spoken in hushed tones. This uneasiness and reluctance to discuss typical personal concerns often lead to the dissolution of partnerships or the occurrence of readily avoidable intimate problems.
Additionally, the brand is now available on in the skin care, hair care, and intimate care categories.

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