An expanding industry for sexual health and wellbeing in India thanks to vibrating mattresses, erection pills, and 'Big Os.

In India, sexuality and the related topics of sexual health and personal health are avoided at all costs. Despite this, there is an increasing demand for products related to sexual health in India. Allied Market Research projects that the Indian sexual wellness market will grow from its 2020 revenue of $1.15 billion to $2.09 billion by 2030, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8 per cent. The survey found that increased demand for sexual health goods is being spurred by a variety of factors, including rising consumer knowledge of these items and the convenience of being able to purchase them online, where they can compare prices and choose the best choice. An emerging market has been identified as a result of the growing demand for health items including sex toys, delay sprays, and sex enhancement pills among young couples, as reported in various sources. The My Muse boasts that it has broken taboos and created a devoted customer base with its full-body massagers, lubricants, oils, couple games, and gift sets. MyMuse, a direct-to-consumer firm, allegedly has 15,000+ clients and has expanded to 281 cities in India in only a year, resulting in a meteoric growth rate of 40 per cent month over month.

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