Can you shed pounds by just drinking water?

Many different ways of eating might be linked to reduced body fat. Due to its prevalence as a health concern, losing weight is often portrayed as a challenging endeavour best tackled with the guidance of trained medical specialists. Nutritionists have been discussing the benefits of water fasting for some time.
Because staying hydrated and getting rid of waste products are two of the most important functions of the human body, water fasting takes advantage of this fact by having participants drink nothing but water for a certain length of time.\
The meaning of "water fasting"
Fasting on water, also known as water-only fasting, is avoiding all solid foods for a certain period of time, often several days. Many people have found that fasting in this manner has positive health effects and has inspired them to make positive adjustments to their food and way of life.

According to a number of studies, abstaining from food and drink other than water for a period of time may stimulate autophagy, which is the process by which your body dismantles and recycles worn-out and possibly harmful components of your cells. However, a fast consisting only of water comes with a number of potential dangers and should not be maintained for an excessively long time. It may cause a reduction in muscle mass, variations in blood pressure, and a wide range of other adverse health effects. Can you lose weight by just drinking water? "Those looking to trim down often resort to water fasting. It's not hard to shed up to 2 pounds (0.5 kg) every week, "theorised dietitians Neha Patodia and Nupur Arora. They warned, nonetheless, that doing so needlessly risks muscular atrophy. "It would be more effective to reduce caloric intake via intermittent fasting (IF) or alternate-day fasting. Our bodies are very adaptable, and they can detox on their own. Therefore, a water fast is pointless unless performed for religious reasons "They supplementary.

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