In light of the mental health problem, students have access to local software for emotional wellness

In the wake of the recent mental health crisis, schools around the country have made accessible to their kids a piece of local software that promotes emotional well-being.  The software predicts how kids will do in the future and lets students, parents, teachers, and administrators help struggling kids before it becomes a big problem. It works with the school's grade book and student management system to give each student a personalized dashboard that is useful and full of information. The artificial intelligence platform Gnosis IQ, based in Arizona and able to predict and track kids' academic and emotional health, is now free for schools. Gnosis IQ is an academic and emotional reporting tool, and its developers saw a need to help students with their mental health and realised that all students should have access to it. The Gnosis IQ team is helping children around the nation succeed academically and emotionally. The people behind Gnosis IQ want to help students and make sure they get help as soon as possibl.  The Gnosis IQ system enables self-reporting and alerts the relevant support personnel to interact with the students when issues are recognised, eliminating the need for students to actively seek assistance. Adolescents often avoid getting the emotional support they need for fear of what their peers will think of them. It was for these reasons that the Gnosis IQ programme was created: to reveal the phenomenon of learning loss and to inspire students to work more in school. The intuitive design makes it simple for school leaders to pinpoint exactly where their children are struggling academically, and it equips students with information on their past, present, and future academic performance. This digital resource helps educators quickly assess their students' strengths and weaknesses, as well as how students' social and emotional well-being links to and contributes to the prediction of their academic success. Gnosis IQ developed a community collaboration initiative to help local businesses help children while also having a positive influence on the social and emotional learning problems faced by schools.

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