Madhavbaug joins forces with Easy Ayurveda to create a telemedicine system

A multinational effort to spread Ayurvedic treatments is supported by scientific evidence for cardiovascular disease. Madhavbaug, which specialises in treating cardiac-related ailments with Ayurveda therapies supported by scientific evidence, has formed a long-term nstrategic alliance with Easy Ayurveda, an online platform providing the most authentic knowledge on Indian Ayurveda, in an effort to promote India's ancient healthcare system internationally. By establishing their own online medical facilities, the joint venture intends to provide Ayurvedic practitioners with access to telemedicine. Over the next two years, 10,000 virtual telemedicine clinics will be established for use by Ayurveda practitioners all over the world. In addition to educating medical professionals and the general public about Ayurveda, the new enterprise will deliver high-quality, selected materials to do the same. Furthermore, the partnership intends to provide bespoke educational programmes and professional development opportunities for working physicians. This news follows on the heels of last week's curtain-raiser event in preparation for the forthcoming ninth World Ayurveda Congress in Goa, an endeavour of the AYUSH ministry to draw worldwide interest in India's traditional healthcare system.

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