Ayurvedic Practices For A Healthy Liver

It is necessary to remove toxins to keep the food healthy. Mel Singh, Yoga and Ayurveda Practitioner, Life Coach, and Founder of Yogi Fuel, take care of the liver. He has also suggested four yogic and ayurvedic practices to keep the liver healthy. He has explained the liver is beneath the rib cage on the right side, and there are over 500 jobs to do that are responsible within our body. The liver is the primary organ that helps detoxification and is essential for digestion and bile flow. It is involved in protein synthesis and supports the production and detoxification of hormones.
The Ayurveda expert has claimed that the liver is the seat of emotions like anger, hate, irritability, judgment, resentment, envy, and impatience while supporting the transformation and Agni within the body. Due to our modern lifestyle, our liver gets affected. As a result, it suffers difficulty in removing the toxins from the blood. It allows them to accumulate and re-accumulate throughout the body. Toxins reach the brain and negatively impact cognitive functioning and memory. Additionally, it blocks the brain and leads to anxiety and depression. You can prevent this by indulging your body in asana and movement.
Herbs and food: Bitter and astringent foods like herbs such as beets, bitter gourd, and bitter greens help to clean the liver.
Lifestyle: Adopting a healthy lifestyle that is pitta-pacifying such as being gentle to yourself, noticing anger, and giving yourself space to release emotions, can be helpful.

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