Yoga for anxiety: 5 Yoga asanas to dealwith stress

When one suffers from anxiety or panic attack, one must practice these yoga asanas that will help reduce your apprehension and stress by slowing down your breathing process and helping to manage your breathing.

 Due to various problems like fluctuations in one’s life, unemployment, dissatisfaction, and hectic routines, people have been undergoing a lot of stress and seeks no solution to deal with their stress factors.
Exercise is one of the best ways that regulate the blood flow in the body and calm down the mind. Once your mind and body stay calm, you can focus on your life and work. Try simple yoga asanas to slow your breathing and reduce stress levels.
1.    Yoga for Anxiety –
(A)    When you are feeling anxious, try the Butterfly Pose. Keeping the spine straight helps you to relieve stress.
(B)    The mindful movements of yoga affects our mental health. The seated forward bend is very effective in this situation.

1.    Yoga for stress:
(A)    You can improve your tolerance, concentration, and control by practicing Anulom Vilom. It calms your mind and body to reduce your stress.
(B) When your mind is engrossed with many thoughts and is busy, trying out doing Legs-Up-The-Wall is very useful.
 (C) Child’s Pose might help you feel relaxed and secure to reduce anxiety at night.

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