YouTube introduces health-related channel certification programme

YouTube announced that it would begin vetting and certifying the channels of licenced health professionals such as physicians, nurses, psychologists, and other suppliers of healthcare information. YouTube said in a blog post that beginning October 27 health creators in the United States might apply at, with plans to extend access to other markets and more medical specialities in the future. Search results for health-related subjects will now include health content shelves that have videos from reputable sources, making it easier for users to locate and assess the reliability of these films. Previously accessible only to a handpicked few universities, public health agencies, hospitals, and government agencies, the corporation is now opening up the programme to health innovators throughout the United States. Applicants must provide evidence of licensure, adhere to best standards for health information exchange as defined by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies, the National Academy of Medicine, and the World Health Organization, and maintain an active YouTube account, the announcement said. All submitted applications will be reviewed under these standards, and credentials will be scrutinized. After this is complete, videos from qualified channels will be included in search results and have a health source information panel indicating the channel's status as a licenced healthcare practitioner.

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