Wockhardt Hospitals and Specialty Surgical Oncology have partnered to create Cancer Treatment Centre

The Cancer Care Center has been established by Wockhardt Hospitals in collaboration with Specialty Surgical Oncology. Given the rising number of cancer cases in India, this centre seeks to provide hospitals with high-quality, preventive care. According to a study by FICCI and EY, the number of cancer cases recorded in India this year is anticipated to be 19 to 20 lakh, while the actual number of cases is 1.5 to 3 times higher.
Newer decision-making paradigms are growing, and there is a considerable amount of collaboration between the surgeon and other cross-specialties required, according to Dr. Sanket Mehta, Consultant Onco-Surgeon, Specialty Surgical Oncology, Mumbai, who was speaking about the event. Complex cancer surgeries will be performed by a group of skilled organ-specific cancer surgeons using top-notch facilities, allied medical services, ICU backup, cutting-edge operating rooms, anaesthetic equipment, surgical gear, and instruments. Here, Specialty Surgical Oncology and Wockhardt Hospital's collaboration will distinguish itself as the go-to facility for top-notch cancer care.

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