Are you trapped in a revolving door of "spur," "worry," and "eating" for "temporary relief"? How to Bring It All to a Close

Assuming we'll be fine after eating is a common way to avoid thinking about a problem, but it usually just makes us forget about it.
Do you gorge on pizza, burgers, or Chips if you're feeling blue? If this is the case, you may be participating in "emotional unhealthy eating." Emotional and stress eating have nothing to do with hunger. Instead, it's about using food as a reward or a way to control yourself. Emotional binge eating has been linked to relationship problems, money problems, stress at work, and mental health problems like anxiety and depression.
It's important to distinguish between emotional and physical hunger, and that's why it's so important to figure out why you're stress eating. It's also important to know the distinction between true hunger and the desire to eat to relieve tension. Many of us get cravings for different reasons, but emotional eating is more than just a phase.

The consequences and results of stress eating

It can start a cycle of stress, eating to deal with the stress, a short break, stress, eating, and so on.
It's been linked to skin changes and weight gain. Each of them adds another layer of complexity to an already stressful situation.
This may lead to bulimia or other eating disorders in susceptible individuals. Because the body develops a tolerance to food over time, people may start eating more just to feel satisfied in the short term, which can have negative consequences for their health.

How to rewire your brain to make healthier food choices

* Make healthier choices; instead of sugar, try Stevia in your morning beverage or favourite dessert recipe. 
* Include some nuts in addition to the chips in the bowl. 
* Getting individual packets of chips or fast food instead of a big bag. 
* Preparing our favourite comfort foods from scratch, like grilled cheese sandwiches and pakoras. This can lengthen the process and provide an opportunity to relax.

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