Bathing And Digestion

Our elders have always taught us not to take showers after meals. Our ancient natural medicine Ayurveda does not support this. Avoid bathing after meals as it affects your digestive system and digestive processes. 
Things To Keep In Mind Before Taking A Shower:
Never Take Shower After Sunset: Our body starts to cool down after sunset means it's time for bed, and going for a bath in the evening causes blockage of skin pores that traps the heat within an increase in body temperature and disturbs the sleep cycle.
Drink Water Before Taking A Shower: 
A warm glass of water before you go for a bath lowers blood pressure issues in the body, and drinking warm water before showering warms your body from the inside, which results in the widening of the blood vessels.
Never Take Shower After Meals: 
Taking a shower after meals weakens the digestive system. After eating, the blood flows in the body to the digestive system helping in digestion. Bathing after a meal obstructs the blood flow from the stomach and rushes it to the layer surface of the skin instead.

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