New mental health facility opened by Veda Rehab & Wellness in Chhatarpur, Delhing Dashboard from Miku Care

The opening of Veda Rehab & Health's new flagship mental wellness centre at a swanky site in Chhatarpur, New Delhi, was announced on Wednesday. Veda's new facility, which is spread out over a sizable 13,000 square feet, aims to offer treatment services and in-facility care for the elite who are struggling with a variety of mental health issues like anxiety, depression, etc. without requiring them to give up their lifestyle, security, or privacy.
A study that was published in the Lancet Psychiatry Pre-Covid publication found that nearly one in seven Indians had mental problems, with depression and anxiety disorders being the most common among them.
According to the company, Veda is making an effort to solve this issue and encourage an increasing number of individuals to seek treatment for improving their mental health with the opening of its New Delhi centre and other centres throughout India.
According to reports, the company has also started raising money through its seed round with the goal of raising up to INR 50 crores to launch India's biggest mental health treatment digital platform and open more flagship centres, which will make mental health services accessible and affordable for all. Their long-term goal is to establish and become the largest and most reputable privately held mental health treatment company in India, according to the statement.
"We are pleased and honoured to launch Veda's third flagship centre in New Delhi, which will advance Veda's wellness philosophy in the nation's capital in line with the rising demand for new facilities nationwide. In a statement, Manun Thakur, the founder of Veda Rehab & Wellness, said: "At Veda, our comprehensive treatment protocol includes multidisciplinary methods of healing that focus on the mind, body, and soul in a comprehensive way; it includes Psycho-Pharmacology, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Diet and Nutrition Balance, Spiritual healing, and Group therapy - a 100% proprietary programme developed by us indigenously.
Thakur added that their goal is to provide top-notch mental health care services across India.

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