New Delhi: Food cravings are frequently uncontrollable drives to eat. Cravings are a common side effect of foods high in sugar or other carbs, and they can be particularly challenging to curb. 
 Tips to control your unhealthy food cravings:

  1. Drink Water
Develop a habit of a big glass of water and waiting a few minutes when you feel hungry. Some people find it beneficial to sip water a food appetite arises. Increasing your water intake may also aid in weight loss for those who are dieting.
2.     Stay Busy
Another factor in your decision to engage in mindless eating is boredom. Make a call to your friend, read a book, or participate in fun activities. You might perhaps watch a movie or go for a stroll in the park.
3.     Chew Gums
Whenever you sense the need to binge on a snack, chew a piece of gum. It helps suppress appetite or stop sugar cravings. It is beneficial to reduce weight or eat healthier.
4.     Sleep Enough
At midnight, a person typically seeks sweets or high-calorie snacks. Lack of sleep throws off the variations and might result in trouble controlling one’s food to intense desires.

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