Yoga Asanas to Boost Metabolism and Increase Calorie Burn

Enhance Your Metabolism and Burn Calories with These Yoga Asanas

Practicing these yoga asanas boosts metabolism and increases calorie burn. Yoga stimulates and strengthens
the endocrine organs, which play a role in the metabolic process.
The twisting and compression in certain yoga poses massage the endocrine and digestive systems, improving their
function and circulation.
Chair Pose (Utkatasana) stretches the spine, hips, and chest while strengthening the immune system.
Anjaneyasana (low-lunge pose) promotes flexibility, aids digestion, improves blood circulation, and
stimulates the thyroid gland.
Avoid these poses if you have specific injuries or conditions.
Start in Samasthithi, raise your arms, bend your knees, and lower your pelvis for Chair Pose.
Lean forward, position your foot, lower your knee, and extend your leg for Anjaneyasana.

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