Sleep Apnea Linked to Increased Risk of Alzheimer's Disease and Stroke, Study Finds

Poor Sleep Health and Sleep Apnea Tied to Higher Risk of Alzheimer's and Cognitive Decline

Sleep apnea and a lack of deep sleep are associated with increased risks of Alzheimer's disease, stroke, and
cognitive decline, according to a study published in Neurology.
Sleep apnea, characterized by snoring andbreathing pauses during sleep, is also linked to cardiovascular disease and hypertension.
The study foundthat individuals with sleep apnea who spend less time in deep sleep are more likely to exhibit biomarkers
associated with these health risks.
Researchers emphasized the importance of preventing or mitigating these changes in brain health, as there are currently no treatments available for them.
Lifestyle modifications and treatments such as CPAP devices are recommended for managing sleep apnea.

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