Mindfest: Breaking Barriers and Fostering Mental Health in Mumbai

Unlocking Connections and Embracing Mental Well-being: Mindfest Event in Mumbai

Experience the ultimate therapy event in Mumbai! Mindpeers, a Delhi-based organization,
breaks barriers in mental health with Mindfest. Bringing together 20+ Mumbai-based
psychologists, this interactive festival aims to make discussing mental health a fun
and engaging experience.
Participants will enjoy collective group activities like scavenger hunts, musical chairs with
prompts, and art therapy. Addressing the everyday challenges faced by 20-somethings,
Mindfest tackles new-age loneliness, complex relationships, and emotional overload.
By providing support and solidarity, this event helps individuals realize they are not alone
in life's struggles. Don't miss this transformative opportunity to connect with experts and break
free from mental health stigmas.

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