Yoga Asanas for Diabetes Management and Waist Fat Reduction

Yoga Asanas to Control Diabetes and Trim Your Waistline

Yoga, known for its physical and mental benefits, can also aid those with diabetes. This chronic condition,
characterized by high blood sugar levels and associated health complications, can be managed through certain
yoga asanas. Savita Yadav, a yoga practitioner, demonstrated these asanas in a YouTube live session.
They include meditation and stretching, Marjariasana (cat-cow pose), Kati Chakrasana (waist rotation pose)
in two postures, and the third exercise of Kati Chakra Asana (waist-twisting pose). These asanas help reduce
waist fat, promote internal organ health, and assist in managing diabetes. Practice these exercises gradually
and increase intensity as your physical capacity allows.

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