Enhance Your Spine Strength with Easy Yoga Exercises

Easy Yoga Exercises for a Stronger Spine and Posture Improvement

Prolonged sitting can harm our health, causing weight gain, bad posture, and pain in the waist, neck,
and back. To counter these effects, strengthening the spine is crucial. Yogacharya Savita Yadav
demonstratedsimple spine rotation exercises in a live session on News18 Hindi's YouTube channel.
Start with a meditativeposture, interlock fingers and stretch upward, then focus on deep breaths.
For waist fat reduction,try side bending in Ardha Padmasana. Bend left and right, holding each side.
Next, extend the leg and bendsideways to touch toes, alternating sides.
Repeat these exercises 10 times for a healthier spine.

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