Illegal Vapes Contain High Levels of Lead and Nickel, Poses Health Risks to Children

Alarming Findings: Illegal Vapes Expose Children to Dangerous Levels of Metals and Chemicals

Lab tests conducted on illegal vapes confiscated from students at Baxter College in Kidderminster
revealed alarming levels of lead, nickel, and chromium. Inhaling these substances could expose
children to over twice the safe amount of lead and nine times the safe amount of nickel.
Some vapes also contained harmful chemicals similar to those in cigarette smoke. The Inter
Scientific laboratory in Liverpool, which partners with vape manufacturers, analyzed 18 vapes
and found that most were illegal and exceeded permitted levels of metal. These substances
originated from the e-liquid itself, posing health risks. The Medicine and Health Care Products
Regulatory Agency (MHRA) will review the results to assess the potential dangers.

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