Expert Tips for Managing Stress and Achieving Better Sleep

These are indeed some expert tips to manage stress and improve sleep quality. Following these recommendations can help you establish a healthier sleep routine. Here's a summary of the tips:

    Diet changes: Consume stress-reducing foods before bed, such as pumpkin seeds, bananas, chamomile
    tea, almonds, and kesar tea.

    Go to bed at the right time: Maintain a gap of at least three hours between your last meal and bedtime to
    promote  better sleep.

    Exercise: Engage in physical activity at least four days a week to reduce stress and promote exhaustion,
    leading to better sleep.

   Remember, establishing a consistent sleep routine and addressing underlying stressors are key to managing stress and improving sleep quality. If you continue to struggle with sleep or experience chronic stress, it's important to consult a healthcare professional for further guidance and support.

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