Iyengar Yoga: Strengthen, Relax, Breathe, Relieve, Flex, Align, Transform, Posture.

The Many Benefits of Iyengar Yoga: Toning Muscles, Calming the Mind, Improving Breathing, Relieving Pain, Increasing Flexibility, and Enhancing Posture

  1.     Tones muscles by engaging the whole body and promoting awareness of muscle connections.
  2.     Promotes a calmer mind through precise alignment, concentration, and meditation in action.
  3.     Enhances breathing by strengthening the spine and expanding the chest, leading to better breath control.
  4.     Provides relief from pain, including back, neck, and discomfort from spinal cord injuries or multiple sclerosis.
  5.     Increases flexibility through slow, demanding poses held for extended periods.
  6.     Improves posture by strengthening muscles responsible for proper alignment and promoting postural awareness.

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