Yoga Asanas: How a 68-Year-Old Overcame Insomnia and Found Peaceful Sleep

The Power of Yoga: Transforming Insomnia for a 68-Year-Old Practitioner
Catherine Nathan, a 68-year-old from Chennai, found relief from insomnia by practicing specific asanas, pranayama, breathing exercises, and mantras. After joining an online yoga class, her insomnia, knee pain, and back problems improved significantly. Previously struggling with only three hours of disturbed sleep, she now enjoys a more restful sleep schedule. One key asana she practiced was Shashankasana, which promotes calmness and improves the central nervous system's functioning. Additionally, breath awareness, Shambhavi Mudra to stimulate the pineal gland, and Bhramari pranayama for relaxation and stress relief all contributed to her improved sleep.

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