Yoga and Physical Therapy: Effective Non-Pharmacologic Approaches for Sleep Improvement and Lower Back Pain Reduction

Holistic Treatment for Sleep Disturbance and Chronic Low Back Pain: The Benefits of Yoga and Physical Therapy
A new study suggests that yoga and physical therapy can effectively treat sleep disturbance and lower back pain, reducing the need for medication. The research from Boston University showed significant and lasting improvements in sleep quality for participants who underwent 12 weeks of yoga classes or one-on-one physical therapy. Early pain relief after six weeks of treatment was associated with improved sleep after the full 12-week intervention, indicating a close relationship between pain and sleep. Identifying holistic approaches to these conditions could reduce reliance on medications and enhance patient safety and comfort. Chronic low back pain often leads to sleep problems, and medication for both can have serious side effects. The study involved 320 adults with chronic low back pain and included various therapies such as weekly yoga, physical therapy, and educational materials. Sleep improvements were assessed over a 12-week intervention period and one year of follow-up.

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