Six Easy Yoga Exercises for Stronger Leg Muscles: A Guide by Yogacharya Savita Yadav

Enhance Leg Strength and Flexibility with These Simple Yoga Practices by Yogacharya Savita Yadav
Practising yoga improves mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Yoga also benefits the legs by improving balance,
flexibility, and strength. Yogacharya Savita Yadav shared four easy exercises for stronger leg muscles in a YouTube live session.

1. Start with stretching by sitting on the mat, raising hands above the head, and holding for 20 counts.

2. Meditate in Padmasana, focusing on the breath and saying "Om" aloud.

3. Stand on toes and then on heels, repeating 10 times while keeping the gaze straight.

4. Raise hands in a salutation stance, hold briefly, and lower hands.

5. Walk on the mat, lifting feet and moving hands for two minutes.

6. Perform jumping jacks, coordinating breath and movement, repeating 10-20 times.

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