Scientists Discover Unique Amino Acid with Potential to Slow Aging

Taurine Supplementation Shows Promise in Slowing Down the Aging Process, Study Finds
A new study suggests that the semi-essential amino acid taurine may slow down aging. Researchers found that administering taurine externally to mice and monkeys slowed aging and improved their overall health. The study observed various markers of aging, such as DNA damage, telomerase deficiency, and impaired mitochondrial function, which were all slowed by taurine supplementation. In mice, taurine increased the average lifespan by 12% in females and 10% in males. Additionally, taurine-fed mice showed improved functioning in various bodily systems. While the effects in humans are still unknown, the study indicates the potential of taurine in slowing aging. Further research is needed to confirm these findings in humans.

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