Unlocking the Potential of Yoga for Pregnant Women: Promoting Natural Birth and Holistic Healing

Yoga for Pregnancy: Empowering Women with Calm and Confidence for a Healthy Delivery
International Yoga Day promotes the benefits of yoga for pregnant women, especially in urban areas where health concerns and mental health issues are prevalent. Practicing yoga during pregnancy can lead to natural childbirth and provide holistic healing. A study found that yoga reduces the need for induction of labor, episiotomy rupture, and labor duration while positively impacting birth weight and delivery at the appropriate gestational age. Specific yoga poses recommended during pregnancy include Ushtrasana for digestion and space for the baby, Shashankasana for back muscle stretching and relaxation, and Setu Asana for improved respiration and strength. Other beneficial poses include Ek pada pranam asana, Marjariasana, Utthanasana, and Kaliasana.

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