Wellness drives record TRevPAR results after the pandemic

Hotels with wellness revenues exceeding US$1mn generated 126% more in TRevPAR in 2021 than those with wellness revenues of less than US$1mn, according to the latest Wellness Real Estate Report by RLA Global.

Average TRevPAR at properties with significant wellness offerings was still 35% below pre-Covid levels in 2019, but this gap was much higher at 44% and 55%, respectively, at hotels with minor and no wellness offerings.

Roger A. Allen, Group CEO, RLA Global, said: "After a year of pandemic and extended hotel closures, 2021 was about recovery and hotel performances show a clearly positive trend in 2021 compared to 2020. When looking solely from a revenue perspective, hotels with significant wellness offerings seem to have achieved better results than properties with minor or no wellness. The pandemic resulted in new revenue management strategies, giving priorities to average daily rates (ADR) over occupancy."

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