Increased productivity: how yoga help in increasing productivity in corporate?

Presenteeism is the state of an employee "being physically present at work" but whose focus is somewhere else. This leads to lower productivity and affects the efficiency of the organisation as a whole. Better employee health aids in the company’s productivity and strengthens team-building with boosted morale and a positive mindset.

According to the study by the National Business Group on Health and the Towers Watson Organization, employees in companies with corporate fitness programmes have performed much better as compared to those in companies where there are no fitness programmes conducted at the workplace.

Improved memory: It is very important to realise that employees should be physically and mentally healthy so that they can work diligently for the betterment of the organization. However, it is popularly said that a healthy business is hacked by a healthy workforce. Every business wants to grow, compete, and become popular among the masses. Promoting better health facilities for the company’s employees should be a major concern in the corporate sector.

Decreased health issues: Following a healthy lifestyle, employees can identify the warning signs early. This will help them to prevent unnecessary health risks and mitigate the effects of diseases and illnesses. They can be well prepared, aware of the symptoms, and can take precautionary measures to fight back against the health ailments.

minimize health costs for employees: Keeping yourself fit will help to prevent unnecessary health costs for employees and employers. Their regular working hours and reduction of absenteeism will help the organisation run smoothly.

Therefore, employees and employers are an integral part of any company. The company’s success and the employees’ health are interrelated. The more employees are healthy, the more the organisation succeeds. Hence, corporate wellness should be incorporated to promote the well-being of employees, employers, and the company itself.

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