Yoga is becoming another lifestyle fad!

The Gen Z concept and the emergence of health and fitness bring new concepts and definitions of wellness and yoga.
Gen Z uses yoga and its practises to flaunt their lifestyle in society and on social media while maintaining health and fitness.
Unlike our ancestors, who used to practise yoga in the lap of nature, now in urban India it is practised in luxurious yoga studios. We are now also provided with the option of extravagant yoga retreats or even if we are willing to spend on a private yoga lesson in the comfort of our home.
Yoga is now accessible everywhere. You can join a studio, a luxury yoga retreat, a yoga group, or a yoga community; learn yoga online from one-on-one professional yoga trainers, or get yoga as your at-home service. Yoga can be accessed through recorded audio, visual, and live classes. The emergence of the 2020 pandemic gave more opinions, and now it’s available using AI tools and the metaverse in your fitness centre or dining room as well.
Initially, it was believed that yoga should be performed in comfortable and traditional clothes only, but now yoga clothing is a fashion statement. It has become more about chic and trendy yoga clothing that is needed to flaunt fit bodies. People feel intimidated by looking at the pictures of celebrities posted on social media practicing yoga with a toned and flawless physique.
In the contemporary world, yoga is often associated with complete healing and overall fitness. It is practised to improve one's physical strength, health, beauty, and happiness.

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