Yoga Business and global market potential

Yoga's global business and revenue are expanding at a pace of more than 10 to 15% per year, and beyond 2020, this growth has multiplied many times over. A substantial market share comes from North America and Europe, followed by Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, India, and the Middle East. This is attributable to the popularity of yoga practices, and multiple efforts by private and professional agencies to promote yoga since the emergence of the pandemic in 2020.
In terms of population, the share of the Asia-Pacific area is the minimum. However, the growth of the market is expected to be higher in this region of the world as well, with India at the top of the heap. There have been several initiatives undertaken by the Indian government to promote yoga throughout the country. For instance, the International Yoga Fest (IYF) has been held yearly since 2016 by the AYUSH Mantralaya.
Some recent market research shows that the yoga industry in 2020 was a US $41.05 billion business worldwide. As more individuals become health-aware and join yoga programs, the business is expected to rise to US $60.42 billion by 2026.
As Yoga gains yet another high place on UNESCO's list of intangible world heritage, knowledge of this ancient Indian mind-body discipline and its effect on millions of lives globally is growing by leaps and bounds.
Today, there are over 36 million yoga practitioners in the US (up from 20.4 million in 2012), spending more than $16 billion on lessons, clothes, equipment, and accessories.
People throughout the globe are becoming more and more aware of the health advantages of yoga, such as boosting immunity, alleviating mental tension, and much more.

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