Vaccines not effective without yoga, ayurveda: Baba Ramdev

HARIDWAR: Yoga guru Ramdev Thursday questioned the efficacy of allopathy against Covid-19 once again saying vaccination alone is not enough to protect people from the virus and they need to be supplemented with yoga and ayurveda.
He said this on the sidelines of an event in reply to a question on why US President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid even after taking the booster dose of the vaccine.

"Without the support of yoga and Ayurveda, no vaccine can immunise you permanently against coronavirus, no matter how big you are, a president or a big doctor yourself," Ramdev said.
Top officials of WHO have also fallen victims to Covid, he said.


He claimed the world is being misled by medical science in the name of vaccines.
"The world will return to yoga and ayurveda again. People are growing tulsi, aloe vera and giloy in their kitchen gardens and reaping their health benefits," Ramdev said on the sidelines of the function at Patanjali Yogpeethto mark his close aide Balkrishna's birthday.

news Source - Times of India

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