Dabur Himalyan Shilajit

With the advent of 'DaburHimalayan Shilajit,'India's foremost science-based Ayurveda company Dabur India Ltd. has expanded its Most Trusted Healthcare/Energiser brand. An anti-oxidant supplement that includes more than 80 per cent Fulvic Acid will be offered on Amazon, a natural Revitalizer that suppresses free radical generation and reduces oxidative stress. When mixed with warm water, it may be readily ingested (250 mg-500 mg) in a pea-sized ball (250 mg-500 mg). Consumers know and trust Dabur for ayurvedic and organic health care. This product contains Rasayana, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-fatigue qualities. It also has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of becoming ill. This recipe also makes use of balaya, which is a very effective bone and muscle builder.

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